About me

My name is Katharina Frank. I was born on November 30, 1987, near Lucerne, Switzerland. My great interest in fashion dates back to my schooldays: Together with horseback riding and photography, sewing has always been my favourite pastime. Hence I realised at a very early stage that I would embark on a career in fashion.

I gain my inspiration, creativity and experience from around the world, be it in Munich, in Tokyo where I stayed as an exchange student, in New York where I gathered hints for my diploma collection: BLACK BEATS.

The BLACK BEATS collection was showcased at numerous events and shows (see BLACK BEATS for further details), furthermore it was produced in a limited edition available from selected stores in the Zurich area.

My new collection UNTITLED has a distinctive American feel to it, as it is inspired by prolonged stays in Washington DC and New York City last summer, during which I was able to do extensive research in terms of both the collection and its production. This new collection will again be presented at a number of special shows and events (see UNTITLED for further details), and the distribution of a limited edition release through stores in the Zurich area and possibly elsewhere is planned as well.

There is no question that fashion is going to be a life-long commitment of mine. Life without fashion is unthinkable.